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This is how we do it

From the beginning, being totally Made in Italy has been one of our founding values.
We invested in our suppliers since the very first beanie back in 2010, by selecting the best: we needed high skilled artisans willing to experiment and take risks with us. A family who shared the same passion for managing every production phase in the best way, helping us to create a solid product.
Sartoria Vico's production is almost km0, manufactured in a network of family-owned laboratories, typical of the garments' district of Northern Italy.


Simona and her family helped us to express our creativity within the boundaries of such a complex and technical process as knitting.

The know-how of these skilled artisans, passed down from generation to generation, is challenged continuously by our quest for new and sustainable materials and the will to optimise the design to limit waste. 



We first met in 2008: we wanted to produce a scarf as long as possible, something to hug your whole body and much more, something you can wear as an accessory and as a jumper as well, we wanted color, and softness. We wanted it all.

And they accomplished it all: our first bestseller timeless garment Sciarpone was born
A crazy synergy fusing their craftsmanship with our creative impulse. 



Nowadays infinite working sessions have been reduced to a phone call, it's an immediate catch.




Simona and us, we grow together, looking for quality stitch by stitch, honouring their tradition and our vision. We have become essential to each other. And together we have become friends and family.

A family that gathers with the joy of sharing the pleasure of doing the best, and having fun while doing it.

A family that is growing bigger and celebrates every new entries with a beanie, or a scarf, or a jumper, or a tiny and cosy blanket, knitted, of course.




photo by @sylviatofany