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How to care

Good design is durable. Every items in our collection is crafted on the principle to last forever. Here we share tips on how to make your pieces last as long as they were designed to.
Woolens require less washing than other garments thanks to the breathable structure of their fibers: you can refresh wool in a light breeze and it will smell as good as new in a very short time.
Turn the knitted garments inside out before washing. Keep light-colored and dark-colored clothes separated during the washing wool and even when the clothes are wet before drying.
Fill a sink or a basin with cool water and add a few drops of wool detergent. (To soak, ) submerge the fabric, squeeze out any air bubbles so that the piece can remain under the water without being held there. Massage with your hands, focusing on areas that need the more cleaning. Be delicate when rinsing your garment and squeeze gently the excess of water between a clean towel. Do not stretch it.
Use a net bag for washing wools, it will ensure great protection and it will let the washing machine flow easily. Use your machine’s "gentle wool" cycle on a low heat, max 30°, with a low spin. {{{Cooler temperatures help to elongate the life of your garments and saves energy.}}} Add a little detergent and avoid using any softener which makes the fibers less breathable. Do not overfill the machine, keep each load small, too much friction will cause shrinkage.
Lay each piece flat on a rack placing a towel underneath and reshape while still damp, until full dry. Let the laundry rest for 24 hours before wearing to get back in her original shape and elasticity.
If you have to, hang your dry garment and go for a steam bath. This procedure is particularly useful for cooling woolen clothes easily as steam moisture removes wrinkles.
Pilling will occur naturally with wear. Do not rip the wool. Use a pilling comb or a fabric shaver. This step is especially important if you’re washing your wool for the seasonal storing.
To protect your merinos from moths we recommend "dried plants" bags. Find your favorite fragrance by mixing lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme, ginseng, cloves and lemon.
Pulled threads can quickly turn into large holes: do not cut pulled wires, bring the threads back into the fabric. On a chunky knit, scratch the threads with your fingers from the inside till the yarn comes back in or use a small crochet hook or a needle inserted from the back to hook the pulled thread on the other side. Once you have brought the hitch to the inner side of your cloth, stretch the fabric with your fingers and block the hitch with a knot.