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Sartoria Vico is a milanese womenswear brand, inspired by self confident, creative and free spirited women. Feminine, vibrant, minimal and contemporary. Perfectly finished knitwear, made with the finest and greenest yarns and wools.

Design was once intended for life, Fashion has never been. From this statement comes our tiny revolutionary act: we design according to the shapes, curves and volumes of the body, we manufacture pushing the limits of the knitting process to maximise wearability and confidence with simpleness and minimalism.
We produce perfectly finished knitwear, we are made in Italy (around Milano) with the finest and greenest yarns and wools. We work to build a timeless, versatile, conscious and sustainable wardrobe.

We dream big because we take care of all the smallest details.

c/o Dissociate snc
via Andrea Maria Ampère 55
20131 — Milan, Italy

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Dissociate snc
p.iva/c.f. 05610690967
Sede legale e amministrativa: via Andrea Maria Ampère 55 - 20131 Milano
Albo imprese artigiane n° 402147 del Registro delle Imprese di Milano