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FW15 Portraits

On the left, Margherita | Fashion Designer, wears the Infinite Scarf / On the right, Bruno | Creative Director, wears a Double Hat.

On the left, Bruno wears a Balaclava / On the right, Laura | Textile Designer, wears a Cloud Hat.

On the left, Marina | Psychiatrist, wears a Gnome Beanie / On the right, Marco | Design Curator, wears a Chunky Oversize Collar.


On the left, Vito | illustrator, wears a Balaclava / On the right, Antonella | producer, wears the Earmuff

On the left, Laura wears a Beanie / On the right, Marco wears the Cape

On the left, Nazarena | architect, wears the Hood / On the right, Bruno, wears a Beanie.

 On the left, Marco, wears a Cowl / On the right, Marina, wears a Collar and the Sleeves

On the left, Nazarena, wears a Cloud Hat and the Infinite Scarf / On the right, Margherita, wears a Double Hat and the Mitten.

photo Mimmo Lanzafame