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Sibylle Righetti

Girls we love is a collection of stories about a wild bunch of super women (girls we, obviously, fell in love): from the dearest friends to successful coworkers, students and mentors, influencers and followers. Stories of conscious women we appreciate for being inspired and inspiring every single day.



My name is Sybille, I was born in Pordenone during a cold Winter in the 80s. I lived in a house with doctors and lunatics: my father is a psychiatrist with an extra oomph and my mother is a beautiful and gentle artist.

Pordenone is a strange place, a borderline city that I have always considered my hometown. Zocca, my father's native village, is the place where I learned to be welcoming, the importance of planning moments of entertainment and the love for food as a mean to start a conversation or celebrate love.


I am deeply connected to Venice as well: I studied philosophy there and then opened my business in art and design in 2008. Venice is the city where my passion and my profession have been awarded with a special event during the Venice Film Festival in 2011 with the projection of my first full-length docufilm on Italian rockstar Vasco Rossi "Questa storia qua".
And again, Venice is the city I choose for my latest adventures: my family, my 6 years old daughter and my new job.



My father bought an historical boat, Edipo Re, totally devastated. The boat was a tragedy for my family, but previously Edipo Re has sailed through the oceans, saving refugees and guiding them towards new shores and lives and later the boat, under the property of the painter Giuseppe Zigaina, hosted dreaming gatherings with Pierpaolo Pasolini and Maria Callas, among others.



I met Enrico in Venice and together we started the renovation of Edipo Re, which lasted for 4 years. I wanted to transfer in the soul of the boat everything I always loved -art, aestethics, writing, cinema, and everything I always dreamed of -people and their experiences, their travels, their desires.

Studying the guests on the boat I discovered that the quality of a pleasant journey stands in the balanced respect of the roots and background of every traveller and their final objective, the destination or their route. You have to feel free to lose yourself and then, once you have left consumerism, the detachment, the sense of suspension, the waiting, all the encounters become fragments of a special path that guide us to melt and become part of the world as a whole. Landscapes, mountains, seas, faces, memories we carry back from a travel are traces of someone we weren't before.



Today Edipo Re is a cultural, social and entrepreneurial reality based in the Venice's Lagoon, engaged in the promotion and protection of its natural and historical heritage. Edipo Re works to build a practice of thoughtful tourism based on values such as sustainability, inclusion, territory, arts and culture. We act as a collector of experiences connecting institutions, associations and business coming both from the cultural and the productive world.

Edipo Re has been my therapy, an intimate expression of freedom from social constrictions and today has become a magic wand I can use to read other people's dreams and let them become true.

My mission on Edipo Re could be summarized in 3 points:
1. Teaching other people to understand, love and protect the environment
2. Diminishing consumerism
3. Creating a business from the previous two points
Edipo Re taught us that the right way to realize something do not come from money, finance and banks, but from love, passion and determination.



"Home" for me is my kitchen: my daughter is drawing, the dog is barking, the doorbell is ringing, my  mother is calling, my partner kissing me and me cooking and thinking the next move, all together, an everlasting moment.



The best thing of being on board is the lack of time, hours, minutes, disappearing every day.

The worst: sharing the toilet with my business partner.

Sea is something I would never give up. If I will ever move somewhere else it has to be somewhere with an harbor.


Sartoria Vico is a dress that reveals itself before you know. I do not need to try anything, I can feel the sensation of being at ease at first sight. I wake up, brush my teeth, no make up and dress up in Sartoria Vico, no thoughts, automatic, a part of myself. Something you need to feel ok and to remember yourself who you are, when you get lost.

Sibylle Righetti | Manager and project coordinator Edipo Re
Silvia Jop | Cultural manager Isola Edipo Re
Enrico Vianello | Ship commander Edipo Re | IG @enrico_vianello_edipore

photo by Al Bruni
partner Alpes Inox | Belmond Hotel Cipriani
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