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Giulia Tibaldi

Girls we love is a collection of stories about a wild bunch of super women (girls we, obviously, fell in love): from the dearest friends to successful coworkers, students and mentors, influencers and followers. Stories of conscious women we appreciate for being inspired and inspiring every single day.



My name is Giulia and me and my partner, Giordano, have been the proud owners of a photography studio for the last 8 years. We work with photography, video, stop motion, styling and art direction for visual storytelling with emotions at its core. We are great partners for the creation and development of projects for all platforms and different audiences.

I graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences (wow) but after a year and a half in Bilbao I realized that was not my path. So I started attending a photo studio as an apprentice (there I met Giordi - love) and here I am :)

I am also the happy mother of three children, Agnese 4 years, Frida 3 years and Arturo 16 months.



Inspiration flows from everything and at any time. Sometimes it’s a trip, or the kids themselves ... it depends on the moment and the context. I am a curious person and I like to read, browse through books, go to shows and exhibitions (a little less now with the children). The spark may come from the work of others and so a new idea can be born.


I start thousands knitting and crochet projects and fill many shopping carts with clothes for me and the children, books and kitchen accessories (that I won’t ever buy)!



Love and respect, for others and Mother Nature. In a world that seems to become increasingly self-centered and selfish, I would like them to think about others and the impact of their choices on the world. I would like to be able to teach them to defend themselves with words, choosing kindness as an answer. I would like them to know how to live slowly, without frenzy and anxiety.


Home is my family, us five together, whether it is where we live or in our van or lost in a forest .... it might sound commonplace, but if we are together we are at home. 


I'm trying to completely get rid of fast fashion and cheap clothing. It is not always easy to resist the temptation, but in the last year I have definitely decreased purchases. I do not like synthetic garments or those too eccentric. I prefer the simplicity of natural fibers, with some small touch of color.


During our last trip to Iceland and the Faroe Islands we only brought wool garments, both for us and for the children. In 3 months we never had to wash them (underwear excluded). Wool doesn’t need frequent washing like cotton, it’s enough to spray them with some water and let them get some air and it totally regenerates. It is delicate, indeed, but, if treated with care, it lasts a whole life.


Everything?! I love soft lines and materials. Colors and styles that fit different shapes. I am totally obsessed with my striped mohair sweater and my jumpsuit (may I have another one, please? :P).


WHAT IS YOUR NEXT STEP (project/trip…)?

We are fronting a peculiar phase of our lives, and, as of now, we are questioning many things. Obviously there is something on the horizon ... but nothing is still defined :)


Giulia Tibaldi | Photographer and creator of social media contents | IG @giuliegiordi

photo by Giuli & Giordi