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We are family

Margherita | Fashion Designer 

We are so passionate about our designs we automatically become passionate about our clients: we always try to keep in touch with the closest one, asking feedback on products and suggestions for developing new ideas. The most of the time a client become our friends and viceversa, of course. We believe in a shared process for creating, designing and refining our ideas.

For the FW2015/16 Collection we asked some friends to pass by and take a royal-ish portraiture of themselves dressed with an accessory picked up from the collection. Take a look at the full collection in our FW2015/16 Portraits Lookbook.

btw: if you deeply and secretly desire to become a model for a day, just step by our studio in Milan and say hi.


On the left, Bruno — On the right, Laura | Textile Designer.

On the left, Marina | Psychiatrist — On the right, Marco | Design Curator.

On the left, Vito | illustrator — On the right, Antonella | producer.


photo Mimmo Lanzafame