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Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana

IIl Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana was an exhibition about the future of Made in Italy iin the fashion industry. We exhibited two concept products, alongside some fashion illustrations.


concept 1
name Variazioni sul tema
materials merino extrafine, mohair super kid

This dress is designed as a rigorous and harmonic composition: from the foot to the neck you can follow regular, cheerful, contracted, crazy, strict and obsessive stitches shaping lossy weaves. The result is a formal exercise generated by the punctual control f the knitting machineries, the variation of white, black and pink thread, plus the combination of merino extra fine and mohair superkid material. A sculpted dress that follows the body playing one, hundreds, thousands different tunes.




Punto Linea e Superficie, concept dress

concept 2
name Punto linea e superficie
material merino extrafine

Knitwear is pure geometry: weaves of stitches draw plans, folded by space and time to generate shapes and volumes to fulfil with your body. The revolution comes in form of the scissors, tearing the harmony of the surfaces with symmetrical and punctual cuts and multiplying forms and functions and letting the user wear the dress depending on his own will.


photo Mimmo Lanzafame